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What is SOHO

Enter into a new world of super-fast internet

Soho by MainOne service is a simple to use, Fiber-to-the-Home internet access delivering enterprise grade Internet services to residences.

Now you can stream seamlessly, enjoy fast uploads and downloads with zero buffering, and connect numerous devices from the comfort of your home on Soho by MainOne fiber optic internet plans.

Now you can stream seamlessly, enjoy fast uploads and downloads with zero buffering, and connect numerous devices from the comfort of your home on MainOne SOHO Fiber Optic Internet Plans.

Price plans


Service Plans


  • Ideal for single residents and small families who stream content, download movies and other multimedia files and are on the internet 24/7


  • Ideal for multiple users and multiple devices with 24/7 access to the internet

Fibre availability check – description

We have got you covered with reliable Internet that is just right for your home

You can now get Soho by MainOne internet service in select areas where MainOne fibre exists in Ikoyi, Ikeja, Surulere, Gbagada, Yaba and Marina.

Fibre availability check


Victoria Island






By providing your address, you agree to us checking availability of our services in your area and communicating same to you in the future. Please review our privacy policy here

Our SOHO service is available in your area! Click the sign-up button to complete your registration for the service

Sorry, our SOHO service is not yet available in your area. Please enter your email in the adjacent form so we can inform you when the service is available.

Included in SOHO

The Soho Difference

Just really good, really reliable, and really fast internet.

Why You Should Switch to Soho by MainOne


Service Installation

Enjoy perks like our 5 day window for your installation and 24/7 tech support to ensure you have the best start to your Soho experience.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated technical support team is available 24/7, so help is just a phone call or email away.

Home WiFi Add On

Experience increased WiFi coverage for your home with the installation of additional equipment when you get our Home WiFi.


No lock in annual contracts

Pay in advance monthly or for up to 12 months with no term agreements. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your service with no fees.

Always on Internet Access

Thanks to the MainOne enterprise fiber-optic network, experience fewer outages than your regular home internet and get more value for your money with fast upload and download speeds.


100% Fibre Optic Connection

Stable network guaranteed regardless of weather conditions.

Pay as you Go Contracts

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel monthly subscription

24/7 dedicated support

Get help from an expert by email, chat or phone.

Home Wi-Fi Add On

Get Wi-Fi coverage for your whole home with installation of additional routers.

Features of SOHO

Features of SOHO
Fibre availability check

Victoria Island

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Benefits of SOHO

What You Stand to Benefit

Watch your favorite channels on various types of devices: TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets



Super-fast internet speed to keep up with your fast-paced work and entertainment routine with steady uploads and fast downloads



Quality internet supported by our resilient Fiber-to-the-Home technology


Plug & Play

Service installation handled by experienced & well-trained technicians



High speed for streaming with no buffering; Fast downloads/uploads for video conferencing



Access to internet via a fully secured and well managed network 



24/7 Customer service via mobile, email, and web self-service

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