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Soho by MainOne is a solution designed to provide high speed internet with uninterrupted internet access to residences in Lagos Nigeria. Our solution is a simple to use, wi-fi ready solution, which allows residential customers satisfy all their home entertainment needs, with MainOne’s best-in-class services. This solution can only deliver to customers via optic fiber.
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    Telephone: 01-3422028
Your Soho by MainOne service will be up and running within 5 working days after payment confirmation. Our representatives will contact you to finalize on installation commencement date once your payment has been confirmed.
Please send us an e-mail at or visit our website to confirm if your location is within range of our fiber infrastructure.
Symmetrical bandwidth implies that the allocated bandwidth for upload and download are the same. Traditionally, most residential customers require far more download speed than upload speed for their entertainment needs. Therefore, the bandwidth offerings for this product are asymmetrical, with more download speeds for improved user experience.
There are two available packages for the Soho by MainOne Product. • Soho 15 which offers up to 15Mbps download bandwidth. This product is ideal for single users who rely heavily on the internet. • Soho 25 which offers up to 25Mbps download bandwidth. This product is ideal for family use, with multiple users and multiple devices which require very fast and reliable internet connection.
Upon signup, a web self-care portal is provided to enable you monitor your traffic utilization, track invoices/receipts make payment for the service etc. A default username and password is sent to you in a welcome email. You are required to change this password after first login.
To aid with reconciliation and to improve user experience, only online payments are allowed for the Soho by MainOne service. We have integrated with multiple payment platforms to ensure that payments can be made 24/7/365. We are also working on increasing the functionalities of our platform to give customers access to even more payment options.
Yes, our helpdesk lines are open 24/7/365 to ensure our customers issues can be resolved around the clock.
Fiber optic cable uses lasers to transmit pulses of light down extremely fine strands of silicon. Because light uses higher frequencies, fiber optic cable can carry thousands of times more data than either electric signal or radio waves. Fiber optics can provide nearly unlimited bandwidth potential, so this solution can accommodate bandwidth upgrades at the speed of light.
Our support team will be happy to assist you relocate the service to your new location, provided that your new location is in range of MainOne’s fiber infrastructure. It is highly recommended that you notify of your relocation plans minimum 2 weeks before the intended relocation date and we shall do our best to make sure your relocation is as smooth as possible. Terms and Conditions apply.
The Soho by MainOne service is a pre-paid service. This implies that you are required to pay for the service in advance.
You can sign up online on, via Email: or call our sales line on 01-3422028.
While this service will allow for basic office functionalities, joining online meetings, checking e-mails, browsing, etc. It’s not designed for use by businesses. For our business tailored solutions, we recommend the MainOne SME or MainOne Enterprise services.
No, users of this solution do not get a live, public IP address. Users who require public IP addresses will require one of our enterprise solutions.
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